How to Write a Rationale Statement for Empire State College

Updated July 20, 2017

Higher education is a great way to advance in a career. To enter a degree program at Empire State College in New York, you need to write a rationale statement. The rationale statement is your chance to plot out and prepare your education plan. You will use your rationale statement to communicate your intentions to an assessment committee. The committee will determine whether Empire State College can help you achieve your goals. Writing a rationale statement is an important step in furthering your education goals, but it is not a difficult undertaking.

Consider your goals and intentions. Jot down a few notes to jog your memory as you write your statement. Think about how Empire State College can help you achieve your goals.

Research the Empire State College class bulletin to determine which classes will help you achieve your goals. Make notes as you select classes. These notes do not have to be complete sentences yet.

Write a rough draft of your rationale statement by expanding on your notes and building complete sentences and paragraphs. Explain fully why you think Empire State College will help you achieve your goals.

Enlist the aid of a friend by asking him to read and critique your statement. Try to find someone who has only limited knowledge of your intended field. Since the committee reviewing your statement may not necessarily have specialised knowledge of your intended study area, doing this will help you determine if your essay is clear and organised.

Revise and rewrite your essay until it is clear and concise. You can rewrite your statement as many times as you need to until you feel it is perfect.

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