How to Build an African Grey Parrot Cage

Updated April 17, 2017

Investing in a large bird like an African Grey parrot can put a real dent in your wallet. When you have to buy a cage for such a large bird, that makes an even bigger dent! So a lot of African Grey owners choose to build their own cage from scratch and save a huge chunk of cash. African Grey parrots are large birds from the Congo with a wingspan of up to 24 inches. These birds need a special diet high in calcium rich foods so large food trays should be available in the cage. Grey's also are highly intelligent birds, so they need many toys to keep them busy as well. Grey's are a huge responsibility and live up to 60 years, so great care should be taken when building your pet's cage as they will be there for a very long time.

Lay out your steel sheets, one on top of the other and drill four holes, one at each corner, that are large enough for your steel rods.

Have someone help you hold the top steel sheet while you attach the rods with washers and bolts. Put one washer and one bolt on the end of each rod's top and bottom. Take your soldering iron and melting metal and secure the bottom bolts by melting metal onto and around the bolts, both on the inside and outside. Do the same for the top sheets bolts. The frame of the cage should be secure enough to stand on its own now.

Drill 26 holes on the top and bottom of each sheet large enough for the steel wire to run through. Run the wire through the holes and with your soldering iron, weld the ends of the wire to the metal sheets on the top and the bottom.

Take your saw and cut a 10 by 10 inch square out of the middle of one side for a door. Save the pieces and set them aside.

Solder the edges of the cut wires along the steel moulding so that it makes a 10 inch square opening with smooth edges.

Take the pieces of wire you cut away from the hole and cut an additional 1/4 inch off of them. Solder them to the remaining 4 pieces of steel moulding so that it makes a framed door.

Solder the hinges onto the cage and door so that it swings freely without obstruction.

Solder the safety latch hook to the door of the cage. Then solder the safety latch catch to the cage opening.

Secure bowls and toys to the bars of the cage and add any other accessories you have purchased from the pet store before introducing the Grey to it's new cage.


Keep a water source handy when working with soldering irons and melting metal. Keep a first aid kit nearby in case of accidental burns or cuts. Do not attempt this project if you do not know how to use a soldering iron or saw safely.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Pieces of 4 ft. by 4 ft. galvanised steel sheeting with smoothed edges
  • 4 steel rods 4 ft. long.
  • 26 heavy gauge steel wires 4 ft. long
  • Drill capable of drilling through steel
  • 4 bolts and washers
  • Saw to cut steel wire
  • 8 pieces of 10 inch galvanised steel moulding
  • 2 hinges
  • 1 metal safety lock
  • Basic knowledge of welding and soldering irons
  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering melting metal
  • Food & water bowls
  • Toys appropriate for parrots
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