How to Get Rid of Google Toolbar

Updated July 20, 2017

Google offers a toolbar for your web browser that provides access to a number of Google services such as Search, Google Bookmarks, and Spell check. This toolbar, however, takes up screen space in your browser window. You can remove Google Toolbar from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox using its built-in uninstall option.

Open Internet Explorer.

Click the down arrow next to the wrench icon on the Google Toolbar at the top-right of the Internet Explorer window, then click "Uninstall."

Click "OK" to confirm.

Provide optional feedback to Google in the "Toolbar Has Been Uninstalled" window. Click any check boxes that apply, then click "Submit."

Open Mozilla Firefox.

Click the down arrow next to the wrench icon on your Google Toolbar, which should appear at the top-right of the Mozilla Firefox window, then click "Uninstall."

Select any applicable check boxes in the "Uninstall Google Toolbar" window to provide optional feedback. You can also type a comment into the text box below "Other."

Click "Uninstall," then click "OK" in the "The Google Toolbar for Firefox will be Removed the Next Time You Start Firefox" window. Complete the removal of Google Toolbar by closing Firefox.

Restart Firefox.

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