How to Jump Start a Mercedes Elegance

Updated April 17, 2017

When the battery in your Mercedes Elegance loses its juice and leaves you stranded, you are in a situation where all you can do is hope somebody offers their car for a jump start. It's important that you know what you are doing when connecting two cars through jump leads because a bad connection can damage the vehicle of the person who was kind enough to offer to help. Knowing how to jump start your Mercedes Elegance will get you back on the road allowing you to drive home safely instead of spending the night sleeping in your car on the side of the road or in a deserted car park.

Park another car close enough to your Mercedes Elegance to attach the jump leads.

Turn the engine off on the other car. Open the bonnet of each car, locate the terminals on the battery and wipe clear any residue with an old rag. This is important because the jump leads need to make a clean connection with the terminals in order to transfer power from the one battery to another. The terminals are the metal clamps that are connected to the battery of your Mercedes Elegance.

Attach the red jump lead to the red-wired positive terminal of your Mercedes Elegance, then attach the other side of the red jump lead to the red-wired positive terminal on the other car.

Attach the black jump lead to the other car's black-wired negative terminal, then attach the other end of the black jump lead to a non-painted metal surface of the Mercedes. You want to avoid putting the negative cable directly to the post of the dead battery to prevent an explosion.

Turn on the other car's engine, wait one minute, then turn on the engine of your Mercedes Elegance. If this doesn't work, readjust the connections of the jump leads on the terminals with the other car's engine still on. Make sure the jump leads have a clean connection to the terminals and then try starting your Mercedes Elegance again.

Disconnect the black jump lead from your Mercedes Elegance, then disconnect the other side of the black jump lead from the other car. Now, disconnect the red jump lead from the other car and then disconnect the other side of the red jump lead from your Mercedes Elegance.

Run your engine for at least 20 minutes to allow enough time for the alternator to charge the battery. The alternator is a generator that is built into your car and it uses the power from the engine to produce electricity. While your car is running, all the electricity you use comes from the alternator. Your battery is only used to start the car and to power electrical components, like lights and the radio, when the engine is off.


The battery on some Mercedes Elegance models is located in the boot; you would need to open the boot instead of the hood to access the battery.


Touching the jump leads together after connecting an end to the battery will cause sparks to fly.

Things You'll Need

  • Jump leads
  • Another car
  • Rag
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