How to Prune a Passiflora Caerulea

Written by emma watkins | 13/05/2017
How to Prune a Passiflora Caerulea
Trim blue passion flower to keep it within bounds. (passiflora image by valpictures from

According to the Washington State University Extension Service, the blue passion flower (Passiflora caerulea) "is an extremely fast growing vine that may grow up to 30 feet a season." Besides producing large white and purple-blue flowers, this vine also has tendrils that will cling to anything they reach. To keep your blue passion flower from overtaking your surroundings, and even causing some damage, control its expansion with yearly pruning right after its blooming season.

Prune your blue passion flower vine back to five main stems, pinching any new ones that begin to develop.

Cut back lateral stems to thin the foliage. The University of Florida Extension Service says this step might also extend your vine's life.

Mount your blue passion flower vine on a trellis. Trim any growth that extends beyond the frame back to the main stem.

Remove dead and diseased leaves and branches, and cut crisscrossed stems to reduce tangling. Perform this step as you notice the situation.

Things you need

  • Pruning shears

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