How to Delete a Page in a Word Document

Updated March 23, 2017

If you use Microsoft Word to write essays or create reports, you have probably wanted to delete a page from a document before. If you don't want to highlight and delete content or press the "Backspace" key continuously until a page is deleted, there are easier ways to remove a page. There are different ways to delete a page in Word, depending on whether you want to delete a blank page or a page of content.

Open the document that has the page you want to delete and click the "Home" tab and then click the "Paragraph" button located in the "Paragraph" section of the ribbon. This will show the paragraph markers in your document.

Click the "View" tab. You can change how you view a document here. Look to the "Document Views" section of the ribbon and click the "Draft" button. You must view the document in draft mode to delete a blank page in Word.

Highlight the page break if you want to delete a blank page from your Word document. The page break separates pages and is a dotted line that goes across the page. After you select the page break, press either the "Delete" or "Backspace" key. The blank page will be removed.

Use your mouse to click on a page of content that you want to delete. Select the "Home" tab from the Word ribbon and then look to the "Editing" section. Click the "Find" button and select "Go To" when the "Find" dialogue box opens. Enter "\page" in the form and click "Go To." This will highlight the page you want to delete; close the "Go To" box and click "Delete." The page will be removed.

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