How to delete hotmail accounts

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you simply don't use your Hotmail account any longer or you fear that the account has been hacked and is no longer safe, deleting your Hotmail e-mail is a simple task. However, before you proceed with the deletion, there are a few things to consider. Remember, all stored e-mail messages will be lost. If you wish to save the old messages, forward them to your new e-mail or save them in a word processor. Of course, you'll also no longer receive e-mails at your Hotmail address. Warn your contacts ahead of time so that they're aware you're changing addresses.

Open your browser and go to the Hotmail home page and log in as you normally would. This will require you to enter your user name and password. This will take you to your e-mail inbox.

Look at the top, right-hand corner of the page. Near the "Sign Out" link, you should see your user name. Click on your user name in order to reveal the pull-down menu.

Select "View Your Account" from the pull-down menu. This will take you to another page where you will be able to view the various details of your Hotmail account.

Look near the bottom of the list of details. "Close account" will be one of the last options available. Click on "Close account." Again, you'll be taken to another page. Here, you will be informed of the consequences of deleting your account.

Enter your password at the bottom of the "Close account" page. This ensures that you are the owner of the account.

Click "Yes" in order to finish deleting your Hotmail account.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
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