How to Remove Orange Tones From Your Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Lifting, or lightening,your hair involves applying a peroxide solution to your tresses. The solution processes, usually with heat, and is then rinsed. Although hair professionals use a special formula that reduces brassiness in hair, at-home treatments often leave your locks with orange tones. Orange-toned hair is often uneven and looks less than professional. A toner is needed to neutralise the orange tones in your hair.This is done by using an ash-coloured semi-permanent hair dye. Make your hair look like it was professionally lifted by removing the brass with a toner.

Select an ash hair colour that is slightly lighter than your natural colour. For most blonds, use a light to ultra light ash blond. Put on the plastic or latex gloves provided in the hair colour box.

Mix the bottle of colour cream with the developer in a small bowl, using a tint brush to stir. Make sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer on the paper insert inside the hair colour box when mixing.

Dip the tint brush into the hair colour and "paint" it onto your tresses. Make sure to coat the strands all the way through, from the root to the tip. Avoid getting the dye on your skin.

Let the semi-permanent dye process in your hair for the recommended amount of time in the directions. This is usually between 10 and 20 minutes.

Rinse the colour from your hair with cool water until the water runs clear. Towel dry your hair lightly and style as normal.


Semi-permanent blonde dyes contain between 5 and 8 per cent peroxide, posing minimal damage to hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Semi-permanent ash hair colour
  • Bowl
  • Tint brush
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