How to Sell Deer Antlers

Deer antlers are more valuable than most people think. They are used for decoration in all manner of projects, including traditional uses, such as plaques as well as more creative application,s such as chandeliers. Deer antlers are bought and sold in a variety of markets, from private auctions on popular Internet sites to companies dedicated to buying and selling antlers. Selling deer antlers can be a lucrative process if the proper steps are taken to appraise their value and the right method of sale.

Find antlers to sell. Aside from hunting, antler collectors mainly find antlers that have been shed during the early to late winter months. The exact dates vary according to species and location. Feeding areas are prime locations to find antlers.

Appraise the grade of the antlers. Fresh sheds without chips or damage are usually considered grade 1. Antlers that have been faded by the sun, but are otherwise in good condition, receive a grade 2 rating. Grade 3 antlers are more than a year old and may have considerable damage from the elements.

Score the antlers according to the Boone and Crockett scoring method. Antlers that score well are worth more. The scoring process assesses attributes such as tine length and mass. Unique features will result in additional points and more money from buyers.

Research the market and determine how the antlers will be used. Antler sets that are in prime condition may receive offers from collectors interested in preserving the set. Antlers that may have good bases, but dull tips may be better suited for knife makers who will use the antler to make knife handles. This determination will influence where and to whom the antlers are offered for sale. Check Internet antler sites to find examples of similar antlers being sold and the particulars of the offers.

Choose where to sell the antlers. Many online auction sites feature a large number of antlers for sale. This will provide insight on the asking prices and final sale prices of similar antlers. Conduct an Internet search for companies that buy and sell antlers online or in a particular area. Consider posting an ad in local and national printed media.


Market research will ultimately determine how much the antlers will be sold for. Offering antlers without unique characteristics in saturated marketplaces will result in lower profits.

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