How to Charge the Air Hogs Mini Helicopter

Air Hogs mini RC helicopters give people of all ages the chance to enjoy the experience of radio-controlled flying models without the challenges of traditional RC helicopters. The Air Hogs come fully assembled and are ready for flight after their initial charge. The quick charge technology also extends the time that the toys may be enjoyed since breaks between flights can be as short as three minutes. The Air Hog mini helicopter is simple to charge regardless of the model.

Install the batteries in the charging station. Remove the back panel of the charging station using a screwdriver and insert the batteries required.

Replace the back panel and secure it to the charging station using the screwdriver.

Turn off the helicopter.

Locate the charging cable attached to the charging station. The cord may be stored inside of the charging station for some models.

Attach the charging cable to the charging port on the side of the Air Hog.

Change the charging station to the "On" or "Charging" setting.

Wait until the charging indicator light verifies that the charge has been completed and remove the charger cable from the fully charged Air Hog.


The flash patterns and the lights that indicate a full charge vary from model to model. The Air Hog requires a long initial charge before the first flight. The controller of some Air Hog models doubles as the charging station.


Never double charge the Air Hog after the initial charge.

Things You'll Need

  • Air Hog mini helicopter
  • Charging station
  • Batteries (size and number depend on the helicopter model)
  • Screwdriver (type may vary according to the helicopter model)
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