How to Remove Curses

Written by flora richards-gustafson | 13/05/2017
How to Remove Curses
Jinx and hex are other names for a curse. (spooky image by 2roxfox from

A curse is when someone wishes misfortune or says something bad will happen to a person, family, place or object. Some believe curses are a supernatural act that results from a prayer, spell, spirit or magic. Most cultures believe curses are negative and will result in injury or worse. The website Rotten states different cultures have different names for curses. Followers of voodoo have jinxes. The "evil eye" is the term for a curse in the Middle East and Mediterranean. Germans and the Pennsylvania Dutch call curses "hexes."

Do not acknowledge the curse exists. Since curses are primarily ill wishes and bad thoughts, so believing a curse does not have power over you is the easiest way to get rid of it. The Psychics & Mediums Network believes curses are a telepathic transfer of negative energy that takes advantage of your inner fears. Therefore, the best way to deal with curses is to ignore them all together by thinking and acting positively. Consider the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: "No one can make you a victim without your consent."

Pray. Cultures that believe in the power of curses also believe in the power of prayer. Heal My Life says all you need to do to remove a curse is to let God know you want to be freed from it. When you ask for divine intervention, you must be ready to let go of the power the curse has over you and have faith that God will take it away.

Heal My Life suggests using imagery when you pray and picture God standing with you as you confront those who cursed you. Instead of asking God to curse those who sent you the bad wishes, ask God to stand between you and the curser, to break the power the curse had so it does not have any more powers and to protect the person that cursed you.

Stop cursing others. From the Heart Feng Shui states that people who curse other are more susceptible to curses. Those who practice Feng Shui believe there is positive and negative energy, or "chi." If a person has a "cursing" chi, he must first rid himself of it. Once a person rids himself of the negative energy they self-instilled by cursing others, they will no longer be susceptible to curses aimed in their direction.


According to Rotten, a person that charges you money to remove a curse is not to be trusted.

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  • According to Rotten, a person that charges you money to remove a curse is not to be trusted.
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