How to Convert a vCard to IPD

Written by joshua laud | 13/05/2017

vCard, or .vcf, is a standard electronic address-book file, or electronic business card. vCards can be e-mailed, or sent through instant messenger, easily, and contain information such as e-mail address, home address, work and home phone numbers and title. vCards are commonly used with most Apple products today. The Interactive Pager Backup, or .IPD, is the user storage backup file type for BlackBerry smart phones. .IPD files can contain messages or configurations, but are also used to store the phone's address book. Manually entering vCard details into BlackBerry's address book is a lengthy process; luckily, two simpler methods exist for converting vCards to IPD, for BlackBerry.

Download, install and open ABC Amber vCard Converter (see Resources for link, scroll to Download, and click "click here" on any links to download).

Click "Open" or "Open Folder" and select the vCard, or folder of vCards you wish to convert.

Click the BlackBerry icon on the taskbar to convert vCards to IPD files for BlackBerry. The process will complete automatically.

Download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac (link in Resources; click "Download Now" and follow on-screen instructions).

Click the "Applications" folder, and then click "Address Book."

Double-click the "Finder" icon and navigate to your vCards.

Drag all your vCards into Address Book.

Open BlackBerry Desktop Software, and connect your BlackBerry smart phone.

Click "Contacts" on the left-hand side of the application, then click the button next to "Sync Contacts:" Click "Two-Way," then click the "Sync" button in the menu toolbar. Your vCards from Address Book will now be on your BlackBerry as IPD files.

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