How to identify a white flowering shrub

Updated February 21, 2017

Shrubs grow no taller than 20 feet high and are used often for landscaping and gardens. White flowering shrubs can help blend a variety of brightly coloured plants, enhancing the beauty of both the white and other coloured flowers. Identifying white flowering shrubs will help you choose which one would work best in your garden or landscape.

Analyse the length of leaves on the shrub. White flowering shrubs such as cotoneaster and coral berry have leaves that are six inches long. Contoneaster leaves also have little fuzzy hairs on the underside of the leaf while coral berry leaves have sharp ridged edges. Black chokeberry shrub leaves are smaller at three inches long and wide.

Examine the colour and shape of the fruit on the shrub. White flowering shrubs have a variety of fruits. For example, button bush has nut shaped fruits. They are brown in colour and remain on the shrub throughout the winter. Black chokeberry has blackish purple coloured clustering fruit that are round and small like berries. Coral berry shrubs have pink fruit that are seen during the summer months. Dogwood greytwig shrubs have white coloured fruits that cluster and are berry shaped, while contoneaster shrubs have pink to orange fruit that are apple shaped.

Look at the shape and size of the flower on the shrub. White flowering shrubs have flowers that differ in shapes and sizes. For example, black chokeberry flowers are five petalled and bloom in clusters at the end of each stem. Deutzia chardonnay pearl shrubs have fragranted bell shaped flowers and pearl-like buds. The flowers bloom in spring. Button bush has white flowers that are spherical shaped and grow up 1 and 1/4 inches in diameter, blooming in late summer.

Take notice to the colour and shape of leaves on the shrub. White flowering shrubs have dark green to yellowish coloured leaves with a variety of shapes. Deutzia chardonnay pearl shrubs have oval leaves that are greenish yellow while dogwood greytwig shrubs have greyish green elliptical shaped leaves. Cotoneaster shrubs have dark green ovate shaped leaves.

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