Can You Find Out if Someone Visits Your Facebook Profile?

Updated July 20, 2017

Facebook does not allow you to see who has been visiting your profile, viewing your pictures, or reading your status updates. Facebook does not share information with third parties on how to access that information. Facebook does not support or allow third-party applications that claim to be able to tell you who is looking at your profile. These apps are considered phishing scams. They should be reported to Facebook.

Privacy Issues

Facebook offers users tiered "Privacy Settings" that allow you to restrict individual Facebook users, unknown users and search engines from viewing your profile. This tiered policy gives you more control, but you still will not be able to see which of your Facebook friends is viewing your profile, or how often. Restrict access to your Facebook profile by editing your account's "Privacy Settings."


Several apps, like Profile Watcher, ProfileSpy, and MyFacebookStalker have claimed to be able to show users who is looking at their profiles. Unfortunately, these third-party apps only gained access to many Facebook users' private information and sent out status updates to lure others into installing the app. All of these apps were reported to Facebook as phishing scams and have been shut down. All of these apps lured some Facebook users into supplying personal information using an app that didn't actually work.

Friends Box

Facebook's previous "friends box" randomly showed a selection of your Facebook friends each time the page was refreshed. Facebook debuted a less random "friend box" that led to some speculation about how friends are chosen for the box. Technology writer Anna Leach, of Shiny Shiny, speculated that the Facebook "friends box" is a way to track your Facebook friends too see which friends are viewing your profile the most. However, Facebook officially denied that her assumption was correct saying, "The Friends list default view is now ordered by the amount of public interaction you have with the friends in your network."

Facebook Privacy Settings

If you are concerned with certain Facebook friends or non-friends viewing your Facebook profile, you can alter your privacy settings to restrict what information is publicly viewable. You can also restrict your Facebook profile to "Friends Only" or "Friends of Friends." You can stop your profile from being indexed by search engines by modifying your account's public search settings, located under the "Privacy Settings" menu. You can also add people to your "Block List" if you wish to cut off all communication with them.

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