How to display LEGO sets

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the biggest problems with LEGO sets is that they're so easily collectable. You probably have dozens of them at any given time, piling up and gathering dust. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to put them on display. A display case, or a flat surface are perfect places to set up your favourite LEGO sets so visitors to your home can enjoy them.

Choose an area to set up the display. This will largely depend on the type of sets that you want to display. For smaller sets, or sets without bases -- such as vehicles or small scenes, you can probably use a display case. If these are sets with large bases -- such as LEGO buildings or parts of cities, you may want to set up a display table or a train table.

Clear off a space for the sets. Wall-mounted display cases will need clear wall space, and floor displays will require clear floor space. You should choose a space that has a lot of walk-up space, so that visitors can approach unimpeded and enjoy your collection.

Choose the sets you want to display. Some sets simply look more impressive than others. While some pieces won't work very well on display without an explanation. Therefore, choose the best sets for the display and leave the rest boxed.

Move your display case to the cleared area and begin placing the sets inside. Place larger objects behind smaller ones. Sets from the same collection will look best displayed side-by-side, facing each other as though they are interacting. If you have a LEGO train set or are putting a LEGO city on a large display table, set them up with the roads and rails connecting appropriately -- and place cars on the road to make it look like a city in a photograph.

Step back and look at your display case from a distance. Decide whether you like this set-up, and make any changes that you think are suitable. Repeat the set-up and stepping back process for all of the sets that you want to display.

Regularly clean and maintain the display set. The sets will still gather dust, and glass-fronted cabinets will collect fingerprints. You also have the option to move any sets that you don't think look quite right in their position, or that you just want to put somewhere else.


You can find a wide variety of display cases or curio cabinets in furniture stores, flea markets or even online in places like (see Resources). Choose a display cabinet that fits your decor and has the amount of space that you require. Modular train tables, such as the one described on Baylug (see Resources) are prefect for displaying large groups of sets, because you can add to them or rearrange them to hold more materials.

Things You'll Need

  • LEGO sets
  • Display case (optional)
  • Train table (see Resources)
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