How to Untwist a Phone Chord

When you have a telephone that is not cordless, the cords of the phone will often become tangled. This is especially true if you move your phone cords around a lot. Some individuals choose to live with the tangled cords rather than untangling them, but you don't have to be one of those people. It will take only a few minutes to untangle your cord.

Unplug the twisted phone cord from the base of the telephone, telephone handset, or wall jack (whichever cord is tangled).

Lay the twisted phone cord on a flat surface. The pronged ends of the telephone cord should be facing you.

Hold one of the pronged ends of the telephone cord in one hand. Grab the other pronged end with the other hand.

Begin untwisting the telephone cord by reversing the way the cord is wrapped. You should start at the bottom of the cord and work you way up to the top of the cord.

Stretch the cord as you are untwisting it to ensure it does not become twisted again.

Plug the straightened telephone phone cord back into telephone, telephone handset, or wall jack you removed it from in Step 1.

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