How to Replace Chrysler Car Keys

Written by steve smith | 13/05/2017
How to Replace Chrysler Car Keys
A spare key starts with a blank from Chrysler. (Car key image by Corneliu C from

Chrysler uses a transponder key on its recent model cars. The transponder key is an ignition security key with a programmable microchip for enhanced protection against theft. To get a spare key, you must first order a blank and then have the key programmed to your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to contact your dealer. A professional locksmith is another option. They often program new spare keys for Chrysler cars.

Order a blank Chrysler transponder key for your particular make and year of Chrysler vehicle. Car security and aftermarket parts companies sell these keys to consumers. Search online and in the local yellow pages to locate a car security specialist.

Take your blank key to a locksmith with your vehicle make, model and VIN number. The VIN number is the car identification number. It is located on the car's door frame and on the dash by the windshield. Give this information to the locksmith, and they will cut the key using this information. Each vehicle has a code for the key which tells the locksmith how to cut the key. The locksmith is able to access these codes for the purpose of key cutting.

Take the car key and car to your Chrysler dealer to have the new transponder coded to your ignition system. This step must be performed by your dealer or a qualified locksmith (if your dealer does not program spare car keys). Once programmed, the key is ready to use in your vehicle.

Things you need

  • Chrysler key blank

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