How to Cut Clay Soil Pipe

Updated February 21, 2017

Clay soil pipe is used to connect the waste lines of your house to a municipal sewer. The pipe is a natural product consisting of baked clay, similar to clay pots. When cutting clay soil pipe, ensure that the cut edge remains intact, as a chipped cut edge will not seat properly and will allow waste water to seep past the clay soil pipe connection. This will result in the soil around the clay pipe eroding, which could cause the pipe to crack and need replacement.

Pull the tape measure along the length of the clay soil pipe.

Mark the length you need to cut the clay soil pipe with the carpenter's pencil. Remove the tape measure from the clay pipe.

Lift the clay soil pipe and slide the roller cutting chain of the soil pipe cutter under the clay pipe.

Slide the soil pipe cutter roller chain to the pencil mark on the surface of the clay soil pipe.

Open the jaws of the soil pipe cutter and hook the roller chain onto the latch of the cutter's top jaw.

Pull the handles of the soil pipe cutter together to cut the pipe to length. If you are using a ratcheting soil pipe cutter, release and pull apart the handles of the cutter to gain better leverage on the clay soil pipe.

Inspect the cut to ensure the clay soil pipe has not cracked during the cutting process. If you notice a crack, you'll have to cut a new piece of clay soil pipe to length.


Wear safety goggles when cutting clay soil pipe.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Soil pipe cutter
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