How to Repel a Fox That Keeps Coming by Your House

Updated March 23, 2017

Foxes are extremely versatile predators. They are often responsible for killing and eating small pets and livestock. Repelling foxes from your property can be a difficult job that may require several techniques. Trapping or killing foxes can be dangerous and is illegal in many areas. If all humane methods have been employed and the fox is not being deterred from your property, it may be necessary to call upon the services of an experienced professional.

Install fencing around the property to keep the fox from gaining access to your home. Eventually, the fox may lose interest and travel away from your property.

Use an ultrasonic sound repelling device to keep the fox away. Whenever a fox comes within a certain distance of the repelling device, an unappealing high-frequency sound will emit and scare the fox away. Do not use this device if you have pets such as dogs as the high frequencies will affect them as well.

Have a large dog patrol your property in order to scare the fox away. Do not use a small dog as the fox will attack or try to eat the dog.

Things You'll Need

  • Ultrasonic sound repelling device
  • Fencing
  • Large dog
  • Lockable trash containers
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