How to get an iata number

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), a membership organisation for airlines, provides each airline with a unique IATA number. Travel agents can receive IATA numbers by becoming a member of IATAN, the International Airlines Travel Agent Network. IATAN has been an IATA department since 1997. Once a travel supplier is accredited with IATAN, they will receive their unique IATA number and their IATA/IATAN identification card.

Obtain a copy of the ISOA Standards Manual. Perform an internal audit based upon the specifications in the manual. Make any necessary changes to your operations and safety so that you meet all the standards listed.

Obtain an IATA Operational Safety Audit (see Resources).

Take any corrective action that is required as a result of the formal audit. Work closely with the auditor to receive final approval. Once the airline has successfully completed the safety audit, it will be added to the IOSA registry. The airline must be on the registry before an application for IATA membership can be submitted.

Complete the application for IATA membership and return to IATA with the supporting documentation. Meet all of the admission criteria by providing the required information on insurance, registration, financial statements, timetable, traffic statistics and annual report.

Pay the non-refundable application fee when you receive the invoice. Once the airline has met all of the criteria for admission, it will receive its IATA number.

Obtain an IATAN Application Kit.

Read carefully the requirements for accreditation.

Complete the accreditation form. If you do not sell air travel, you are a non-ticketing professional. If you sell air travel, you will fall under one of two categories: airline appointed or specific-airline appointed. Follow the checklist included in the kit to make sure you fill out all of the sections that apply specifically to you.

Complete the travel professional profile, which will be used to determine your position in your travel organisation and to verify that you are eligible for an IATA/IATAN number.

Complete the agency agreement, which must be signed by an owner or officer of your agency.

Fill out the charge card payment form so that your application fee can be processed.

Complete the business profile. You may need help from your agency owner or manager, since the form requires specific information regarding the company's sales.

Make a copy of the entire application package. Mail the original to IATAN.

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