How to download videos from YouTube onto a computer free

Updated February 21, 2017

The YouTube website allows you to watch a large amount of videos online for free. You may wish to save some of these videos on your computer in order to watch them while your computer is not accessing the internet. Downloading YouTube videos onto your computer will also allow you to transfer the video files onto a portable media player, such as a Video iPod. There are several online converters that give you the ability to download YouTube videos in different formats for free.

Highlight the YouTube URL at the top of the browser for the YouTube video you wish to download. Then, click "Edit" at the top of the browser. A menu will appear. Select "Copy" to copy the URL.

Go to the Keep Vid home page.

Click inside the "URL" box on the home page. Then, click "Edit" at the top of the browser. Select "Paste" in the menu. The YouTube URL will appear inside the box.

Click the "Download" button. A window will appear. Click "Run" in that window. Numerous download links will appear. The file formats for those downloads will appear in the download link.

Click the download link for the file format of your choice in order to download the YouTube video in that specific format.

Copy the YouTube URL. Then, go to the You Convert It website.

Click inside the "Paste URL" text box. Then, click "Download it." A window will open.

Click on "Run" in the open window. A variety of download links for the YouTube video will appear on the page. These links are separated by quality of video (from low to high).

Right-click one of the download links. Select "Save" or "Save As" in order to download the YouTube video onto your computer.

Copy the YouTube URL. Then, navigate to the Zamzar home page.

Click inside of the empty text box on the left side of the website. Paste the YouTube URL inside this box.

Click inside the "Format" drop menu (listed in the "Step 2" box on the Zamzar website). Choose one of the formats found inside the drop menu.

Type your e-mail address inside of the text box that's located to the right of the drop menu. Then, click the "Convert" button on the Web page. The YouTube video will be converted to the format you selected. An e-mail will then be sent from the Zamzar service to the e-mail address you entered.

Open the Zamzar e-mail. Then, click the download link found inside of that e-mail. A new Web page will appear. Click the "Download" button found on the new Web page in order to download the YouTube video onto your computer.

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