How to Remove a Kraftmaid Kitchen Drawer

Kraftmaid cabinets and drawers are made so that they can be readily adjusted by the homeowner as necessary. The drawers on Kraftmaid cabinets have adjusters that help to line up the door inside the cavity. When objects get caught behind the drawer or the drawer is not closing properly, it might be necessary to remove the drawer. Removing a Kraftmaid kitchen drawer is a bit different from removing a standard drawer. The drawer is locked onto the runners with adjusting clips that attach to the drawer.

Open the Kraftmaid kitchen drawer fully. Remove the contents from the drawer and place them on the counter.

Bend down and locate the two orange clip levers on each drawer runner. Push each clip toward the centre of the drawer with your thumbs to release the drawer from the runner.

Grab the drawer on both sides and remove it from the cabinet. Push the runners inside the cabinet to avoid accidentally hitting them and causing damage.


The orange clips and the grey levers will also adjust the drawer when you reinstall it.

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