How to Troubleshoot a Hotpoint Washing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Every family needs a good and effective washing machine. At Indesit, the maker of the Hotpoint line, washing machines are thoroughly tested for quality before they leave the factory. Indesit's Hotpoint appliances offer a vast range of washing machines designed for style and ease of use. Avoid the need for technical assistance by troubleshooting your machine.

Look to see if the washing machine porthole door was shut properly. Use the door handle to open the washing machine and re-close the door securely using enough force until you hear a click.

Check if the Start/Pause button has been pressed on the control panel situated on top of the door handle. If not, press the Start/Pause button. Many people accidentally leave the machine in the Pause position.

Check if the water tap is turned on behind the washing machine. If the water is off, the machine will not fill when you start it and the wash cycle won't start.

Read your store-bought detergent description and make sure the product is designed for washing machines. You should see "washing by machine" or "washing by hand or by machine". "Hand wash only" detergent will bubble and foam more than detergent that's made specifically for a washing machine.

Open the detergent dispenser drawer situated on top of the door handle at the far left. Check if there is too much detergent. Don't fill the compartment past the fill line.

Investigate if the water pressure coming from the water tap is too strong. If so, too much water can enter the machine and cause the water to foam. Turn the knob on the tap to the right to restrict the amount of water that comes out.

Find the plug and make sure it's attached to the wall outlet. There are times that the plug will come loose due to the vibrations of the washing machine.

Check the breaker box to make sure that you didn't blow a fuse if the plug is securely attached to the outlet and there still no is power. If the switch in your break box is off, flick the switch in the opposite direction to turn on the electricity to your washing machine. Breaker boxes usually are located in a basement or attic.

Locate the pause button on the control panel of the washing machine. If you see that the button is in the "pressed" position, push the button with your finger to release it and the washing machine should power on.

Check the size of the load setting that you selected. If you filled the machine completely with clothes and selected a small load setting, then the machine won't fill properly.

Adjust the water pressure on the spigot to which the water intake hose is connected. Turn the knob on the spigot to the right to increase the water pressure.

Unscrew the hose from the water intake hose and check for small rocks and pebbles that may be stuck in the opening of the hose. Remove any debris with your fingers and reattach the hose.


To ensure a better washing cycle, unfold all pieces of laundry before placing them in the washing machine.


Avoid accidental changes by pressing the "Child-lock" function button for 2 seconds on the control panel.

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