How to Make a Curtain for an Arched Window

Highlight your arch window with a simple, yet elegant shirred curtain.

Sheer or lace fabrics allow filtered light in while letting you see out. Fabrics such as voile, challis or "crepe backed sateen" give a little more privacy. Curtains can sit at window sill, puddle on the floor, or fall at any length in between these two. Window size and desired fullness determine how much fabric you need. Use one wide panel or several panels to create the right look to match your room decor.

Put the arch curtain rod in window and adjust to fit.

Remove rod and lay it out flat to measure the cutting width for the fabric.

Measure the width of the rod from corner to corner.

Curtain width is 2 1/2 times the width of rod plus 2 inches.

Measure length from the top centre of window to the bottom centre of window or floor.

Measure from right and left top sides to corresponding bottom sides of your window or floor.

Add all three measurements, divide by 3, and add 7 inches to the answer.

Iron fabric and lay it on a flat surface to cut.

Use the final measurements from Steps 2 and 3 to cut one panel.

Cut curtain length on the lengthwise grain of fabric.

Finish side hems by folding sides of curtain fabric under ½ inch and pressing with iron. Fold under and press another ½ inch. Stitch along inner pressed edge.

Make curtain header by stitching ½ inch from top edge.

Fold bottom of curtain fabric under 1/2 inch and press with iron.

Fold under and press another 4 inches. Pin in place. Stitch along inner pressed edge.

Insert curtain rod through rod pocket opening and adjust fabric gathers to fit evenly along rod. Hang rod on window and, if necessary, readjust curtain gathers.


Use clear rods if you do not want them showing through your fabric. Cut curtain length on the lengthwise grain of fabric. Cut additional panels using the same measurements. Lace fabrics with scalloped edges need no side or bottom hems. Adjust length in Step 3 by adding 2 1/2 inches instead of 7 inches. Skip Steps 4 and 7.


When measuring the window, a metal tape measure will give you more accurate numbers than a cloth one that stretches.

Things You'll Need

  • Arch curtain rod, adjustable
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
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