How to Reconnect a Garage Door Opener After a Power Outage

Updated May 18, 2018

Garage door openers operate automatically with a remote control and by pushing a button in the garage that mounts on the wall. During a power outage, a garage door will not function automatically due to the lack of electricity. Homeowners can disconnect the garage door opener trolley and operate the door up and down manually. Reconnecting the garage door opener is necessary after the return of power to operate the door automatically again.

Reconnect the garage door opener by pulling the manual release handle. The handle is hanging from the garage door opener on the trolley that moves back to open the door automatically or forward to close the door automatically.

Grasp the handle firmly and pull it straight down to reconnect the opener so that it functions automatically. The garage door opener will reconnect to the trolley.

Release the handle and push either the remote control garage door opener in a vehicle or the button on the wall to operate the door automatically.


To disconnect the garage door opener from the trolley and operate the door manually, pull the manual release handle down and backwards away from the door. Many manual release handles are red in colour so that they are easy to find in the dark during power outages.


In the event of a power outage, an open garage door will close and a closed garage door will open. If the garage door is opening when the power interrupts, the door will stop at that point in the process. If the garage door is closing during a power outage, the door will reverse. An obstructed garage door during electrical failure will reverse if it was closing and stop if it was opening.

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