How to Make NASCAR Race Cars Out of Paper

Fans of NASCAR often like to display images of their favourite drivers and cars. Display items can include paper models of the cars. Designers have created paper model templates that are downloadable from the Internet. Fans can put the models together themselves or use them for a paper craft project for children. For a few pennies and a little time, make a surprisingly impressive paper model of a NASCAR vehicle.

Download the NASCAR paper model template from the Internet (see References). Print the template out.

Colour the diagram on the template if it is not already printed in colour. Use crayons, markers or coloured pencils to make the car look realistic. Another way is to decorate it using unusual patterns and colours.

Cut the template diagram out carefully. The template diagram will usually be in one piece, with the car details drawn in, although some models have more than one piece. Be careful not to cut off the tabs that are attached to the car diagram.

Fold the lines separating the tabs from the car diagram and crease them into sharp angles. The tabs may be marked with a dot or some other sign that they are not part of the car diagram.

Bend the car diagram around so that it begins to take on a car shape. The tabs will meet under the car. If the template is more than one piece, start with the chassis.

Glue or tape the tabs together where they meet under the car to make the car keep the proper shape. Adjust the paper diagram so that the paper NASCAR has the right shape. Attach other pieces of the template if it is not a one-piece diagram.

Follow any special instructions included on the template, such as how to make the spoiler on the back of the paper car stand up correctly.


Some tabs will have instructions such as "smooth fold." For these tabs, do not fold them into sharp angles. Instead, curve them as you tape or glue the paper model together. You will see why when you assemble the diagram. Print the template in colour on glossy photo paper to make the car look more realistic when it is finished. There are many other paper model templates you can download, cut out and put together, such as other cars, aeroplanes, buildings, computers, dolls and spaceships.


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Things You'll Need

  • NASCAR paper model template
  • Crayons, markers or coloured pencils
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
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