How to Plant Spring Onion Seeds

Spring onions -- also known as scallions or green onions -- tolerate the cold. They're typically one of the first vegetables that sprouts in the spring garden. After harvesting spring onions, you can add them to salads, soups and casserole dishes. The tiny bulbs of the plant hold most of the flavour that will complement your favourite dishes.

Choose a planting location with well-drained soil. Loosen the dirt with a garden fork. Remove rocks, roots and stones from the ground.

Add 3 inches of topsoil to the ground. This will make the dirt fertile enough for the spring onion seeds.

Form 1/2-inch holes in the ground with your finger. Space the holes two inches apart.

Place two to three spring onion seeds in each hole. Pat the soil down around the seeds.

Remove weeds that grow around your spring onions. Water the soil to keep it damp, but avoid overwatering.

Thin out the seedlings so they aren't crowded. Pull out the seedlings gently with the roots intact, and plant them 2 inches apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden fork
  • Topsoil
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