How to get cleavage with a backless dress

Updated February 16, 2017

Women with a small bust could use a little help to boost their bosom when wearing dresses. In fact, if you want to wear a backless dress, you will need adequate support to enhance your cleavage without revealing thick straps and bulky bra closures in the rear. Thankfully, there are plenty of backless bra options to boost your breasts upward while creating cleavage in the front and a sleek and seamless line in the back.

Get your correct bra measurements. Wrap a measuring tape around your body and under the breasts, where the band of your bra rests. To determine your bra band size, round this number up to the nearest inch. Measure the circumference of your chest in the middle of your breasts. Subtract the bra band number from this measurement. For a difference in each inch, your cup size increases. For example a difference of 5 cm (2 inches) between the two measurements reveals that you are a B cup; while a 2.5 cm (1 inch) difference says that you are an A.

Schedule a bra fitting at a lingerie boutique. Ask the sales associate in the store for their selection of backless and convertible bras. Because the fit of each bra varies with the manufacturer, try different brands of bras for the best comfort and support.

Try a backless bra with all-over adhesive. This bra resembles a standard bra without a back clasp or straps. Inside the bra are adhesive strips that stick firmly to your body. Marie Claire recommends that you try a bra with light padding and underwire cups for extra lift and support.

Select a strapless bra with low back clasps. Bras with side or front boning and clasps that connect just above the top of your buttocks provide additional bust support and well-defined cleavage.

Purchase a bra with padding for added lift. Choose a bra with moulded and padded cups to lift your breasts. For an additional boost, insert a silicone breast-enhancer into the cups. These inserts or "chicken cutlets" provide additional boost to women with small breasts.

Choose individual bra cups. Attach the rounded circles firmly to your breasts using the adhesive in the inner rims of the cups. The higher these reusable cups sit on your breast, the more cleavage you will create.


The adhesive in a backless bra loses its grip after 30 or so wearings, so buy a few of these bras if you wear backless dresses frequently. According to My Intimacy website, a bra that reveals back fat is too small and too tight.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Backless bra with adhesive
  • Strapless bra with low back clasps
  • Individual bra cups
  • Silicone bra enhancers
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