How Do I Recall an Email in Outlook Express?

Written by chad buleen | 13/05/2017
How Do I Recall an Email in Outlook Express?
You can recall Outlook Express e-mails. (e-mail simbol image by vladislav susoy from

Microsoft Outlook Express is a popular e-mail server that is often used by companies and organisations. By having all employees on the same e-mail server, communication improves and IT professionals can more easily make system-wide changes to user accounts. If you have an Outlook Express account and you sent an e-mail to another Outlook Express user that you want to recall, you can easily do so. However, this only works with other Outlook users.

Click the "Outlook Express" icon on your home page to open the program.

Click "Sent Items" underneath "Mail" in the navigation pane.

Click the message that you want to recall from the list that appears.

Click "Recall This Message" from the "Actions" menu.

Click "Delete unread copies of this message." You have now recalled an e-mail in Outlook Express.

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