How to paint a fake stone fireplace

Updated April 17, 2017

Fireplaces are beautiful and functional. Fake stone fireplaces add style to living rooms, dens and even bedrooms. Over time the finish of the fake stone may begin to fade. You can paint a fake stone fireplace to freshen its look.

Lay down the painter's tarpaulin to protect the floor below the fireplace. Use masking tape to cover the edges of the wall where it meets the fake stone. If you are going to paint the mantle a different colour, tape it too. This ensures a clean line.

Use a large paintbrush to paint all but the edges of the fake stone. If the mantle is being painted the same colour, paint its main areas as well. Use slow, even strokes to avoid drips and runs. A soft brush works best. Apply only one coat.

Use a small paintbrush to fill in the edges. A small brush allows you to paint narrow areas where a large brush will not fit. It also allows you to paint border areas delicately.

Apply a second coat of paint using the large paintbrush, going over the entire open area of the fireplace and mantle evenly. Again, fill in all of the edges and get close to the borders with the small, fine brush. Step back and inspect your work. Is the fake stone evenly covered? Sometimes it will take up to three coats before the paint provides full coverage.

Allow the paint to dry. If you are painting the mantle a different colour, wait until the fake stone is completely painted and dry. Remove all masking tape. Clean up any paint spills or drips that the tarpaulin did not catch.


Take your time to avoid mistakes.


Ventilate when painting.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint, any colour
  • Paintbrush, large
  • Paintbrush, small
  • Masking tape
  • Painter's tarpaulin or sheet of plastic
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