Supra Key Safe Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Supra key boxes, also sometimes called key safes, are devices used by real estate agents and realty companies to hold the entry key to a home. The key box looks like a large, square box that contains buttons. It attaches to the handle of a door and contains the key to the building. When you enter the correct combination using the keypad, the box opens so that you can access the key. Using a Supra key box is a simple process but requires that you have the correct combination.

Clear the Supra lock box by pulling downward on the slider switch located in the centre of the box.

Push down on the buttons that correspond to the combination of the Supra lock. Most Supra locks have a four-digit combination. Make sure that each button is pushed down as far as it will go.

Press down on the lever tab located at the top of the key box and pull it outward. This opens the box to reveal the key that is stored inside. The key may either be sitting inside the box or attached to a small hook on the back of the faceplate.

Use the key to open the door and access the building.

Put the key back inside the device. Insert the faceplate back into the main device and pull down on the tab slightly. Push the faceplate backward until you feel it click into place and release the tab.

Pull the central slider to once again clear the combination.


If you make a mistake while entering the combination, press down on the central slider switch to clear the device and then re-enter the proper combination. Most newer models of Supra key boxes use infrared technology in which you simply point a separate device at the key box to open it.

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