How to Release a Black & Decker Drill Bit

Updated February 21, 2017

A hand drill is an essential tool during most home renovations and repairs. Black & Decker manufactures many different varieties of cordless hand drills to help homeowners complete their tasks. Black & Decker manufactures drills with two different types of drill chucks. Found on older drills, the keyed chuck requires the use of a pinion key to unlock drill bits. Found on newer drill models, the keyless chuck requires no such key to unlock drill bits.

Locate the pinion key, usually secured in a recess in the drill's housing. Pull the key out of the housing and hold it by its shank.

Manually rotate the drill chuck until you locate the round hole in the side of the chuck.

Place the round tip of the pinion key into the round hole on the side of the chuck. The teeth on the pinion key will mesh with the teeth on the chuck.

Hold the drill with one hand and hold the key with the other as you rotate the key's shank in a counterclockwise motion. Continue to turn until you can freely pull the drill bit out of the chuck.

Locate the directional button built into the housing directly above the trigger on the hand drill.

Position the switch so the drill runs in reverse or counterclockwise.

Hold the drill with one hand and position your hand so you can pull the trigger to start the drill, and then hold the chuck firmly with the other hand.

Pull the trigger for a second and then let go. The torque will release the chuck's grip on the drill bit. If it does not, repeat until it does.

Rotate the chuck manually counterclockwise until you can freely remove the drill bit.

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