How to build a flower bed wall

Building a do-it-yourself garden wall is a great weekend project. Keep the garden wall less than 3 feet tall and use preformed cement blocks or bricks to make the wall structurally sound. Garden walls are aesthetically pleasing for any garden and can be used as borders for a raised flower bed, retaining a hill or framing a garden. Adding a garden wall to your yard will create a charming addition to your garden. Plan out your garden wall on paper before you attempt to build the wall in your yard; this will allow for easier construction.

Decide where to place your raised flower bed. Raised flower beds are a great way to place a garden in your yard. Building the flower bed wall above the ground means you can have a garden on a cement patio, circling a tree or along the side of a steep part of your yard.

Outline the shape of your flower bed wall using stakes and string or spray paint the outline directly on the ground. Outlining the area you will be building on will allow you to measure the exact area needed to build the wall.

Measure the width, length and height of the flower bed wall. Take your measurements to a local stone supply store; staff members there can help you determine the amount of stones or bricks needed to complete your project. Have the stones delivered to your house or pile them in the back of a heavy-duty truck.

Dig a trench slightly wider than the stones you are using. The trench should be squared at the corners, and the sides should be straight up and down with no sloping walls. Tamp down the base and measure for level. If the bottom is not level, keep tamping the dirt with the widest part of a 2x4 piece of wood or a heavy brick until the base is level.

Place the bottom stones in the trench end to end, completing the first row before moving to the next. Check the level of the first row of stones to ensure the wall stays solid as you continue placing the next row.

Stagger the joints of the next row of stone. Place the next row so that the stones are overlapping. This will establish a solidly structured wall. Check the level of the second row before moving on. Continue until you complete the entire wall.

Backfill with dirt the part of the trench that is still visible. Make sure the entire trench is filled. Pack down dirt all around the outside of the garden wall. There should be no sign of the trench left, just solid earth meeting the wall.

Add soil into the area of the raised flower bed until completely full. You can then plant your flowers or sow seeds directly into the dirt. Cover the soil with mulch to protect the soil from drying out. Fertilise and water plants or seeds regularly.


Practice stacking the stones or brick before you do the actual building. Use mortar to add stability to the wall.


Level often to ensure the wall is stable.

Things You'll Need

  • Stakes and string/spray paint
  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Stones/brick
  • 2x4 wood
  • Level
  • Topsoil
  • Plants/seeds
  • Mulch
  • Fertiliser
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