How to Use a Paslode Gun

Updated February 21, 2017

Paslode nail guns decrease the amount of time it takes you to perform woodworking tasks around your home. Unlike pneumatic nail guns, Paslode nail guns are self contained by using a gas cartridge, battery and nail cartridge. Correctly installing each component in the Paslode gun will ensure that the gun functions properly and when using a Paslode gun, safety is of the utmost importance. Nails shot from a Paslode gun leave the barrel with force and can cause serious injury to you or others.

Place a battery into the battery charger. If you do not have two batteries for your Paslode gun, charge the battery until the light on the charger signals the battery is fully charged.

Slide the battery, contacts first, into the battery compartment of the Paslode nail gun. Make sure the battery locks into the battery compartment. Push on the back of an installed battery to release the battery from the nail gun.

Attach the metering valve to the fuel cell. Press the front of the metering valve toward the top of the fuel cell and then press the back of the metering valve onto the fuel cell. Do not use a fuel cell that has passed its expiration date.

Press up and pull up on the actuator cover to open the fuel cell compartment.

Slide the fuel cell into the Paslode gun with the fuel cell facing up and the stem of the metering valve pointed toward the front of the gun.

Push down and slide the actuator cover closed to complete the installation of the fuel cell.

Align the heads of the fastener cartridge with the opening of the Paslode nail gun and push the cartridge into the gun to lock the cartridge into position.

Put on your safety glasses.

Press the tip of the Paslode gun against the work surface and pull the trigger of the gun to fire a fastener into the work surface.

Release the trigger of the gun and remove the gun from the work piece.

Inspect the depth of the fired fastener. Turn the control knob to either increase or decrease the depth of the fastener. The control knob is located around the work tip of the Paslode gun.

Remove the battery from the Paslode gun when you are finished with your wood project.


Never aim a Paslode nail gun toward an individual, misfires can cause serious injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • Paslode gun with charger
  • Metering valve
  • Fuel cell
  • Fastener cartridge
  • Safety glasses
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