How to Replace Mercedes 190E Speakers

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're ready to upgrade the sound system in your Mercedes 190E, starting with the speakers is a good idea. It doesn't cost much to buy aftermarket speakers, but the sound improvement is noticeable. Aftermarket speakers boast improved frequency response and provide crisper detail in your sound than the factory-installed models. And if you approach the job step-by-step, you'll find it isn't that difficult to do yourself.

Insert your panel tool along the edge of the trim surrounding the door release and pry it off. Remove the screw from behind the trim with a Phillips screwdriver.

Pry off the airbag emblem from the door panel and remove the screw behind it. Remove the screw on the door latch trim and remove the trim piece.

Unscrew the door lock latch and pull it up and out of the door.

Pry off the small plastic screw cover below the door pull handle and remove the screw below it.

Insert your panel tool around the edges of the door panel and pry around the edge until you've released all the retaining clips and the panel is loose. Lift the panel up and off of the door.

Remove the four Torx T-20 screws holding the speaker in place. Pull the speaker out of the door, grasp the wiring plug on the back and pull it off.

Plug the new speaker in, place it in the door and screw it in place with the Torx screws.

Repeat the steps outlined above for any other doors you wish to replace the speakers in.

Things You'll Need

  • Panel tool
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Torx T-20 bit and driver
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