How to Get a Male Model Body

Written by leah berkman
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How to Get a Male Model Body
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Getting the body of a male model is within any man's grasp. It requires discipline, dedication and consistent adherence to a fairly strict diet and fitness regiment--but you can do it if you're willing to put in the time and effort. A diet high in lean protein, with adequate amounts of fat and little carbohydrate, should be your starting point. Then, a well-structured fitness program--incorporating weight training and cardiovascular (cardio)--will tone your physique and give you that chiselled, lean look you're after.

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Things you need

  • Weight set
  • Cardio equipment
  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Running shoes

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    Plan a Diet

  1. 1

    Eat a diet low in carbohydrates (such as bread and pasta) and without processed foods. An iteration of the paleo (paleolithic) diet is optimal. Your diet should be comprised of lean meats (beef, chicken, some cuts of pork and fish), vegetables (particularly dark and leafy--spinach, kale, beets, squash, etc) and fat (olive oil, clarified butter). Eggs are also acceptable, but dairy and fruit intake should be limited. Protein shakes (containing few carbohydrates) may also be used.

  2. 2

    If you must "cheat," consider scheduling a meal (say, once every two weeks) where you can break the diet's rules. Adhering to a strict diet can be difficult. This will help keep you psychologically motivated. Drinking plenty of water and remaining well-hydrated will also help curb cravings for processed or high-carbohydrate foods.

  3. 3

    Make sure to eat enough--at least 1500 calories each day. It can take a few weeks before you get used to your new diet. However, by the end of the third week, you will likely experience a dramatic shift in cravings: your taste for foods will shift, and the temptation to cheat will diminish considerably.

    Get a Workout Plan

  1. 1

    Emphasise muscle development with minimal fat loss in your workout plan. Weight training is integral. As a general rule, you should work towards a system of 5 x 5--that is, five repetitions, for five sets, of any weight movement. Your body must be adequately challenged. After you're used to your workout program, lift the heaviest weights you can, while still managing to complete five sets of five reps. This is the only way you will see a dramatic change in your body.

    How to Get a Male Model Body
    (steel dumbells1 image by Warren Millar from
  2. 2

    Do compound lifts, or weight exercises that recruit the greatest number of muscles. The following compound lift exercises are ideal: deadlifts, squats, bench presses and pull-ups. If you are unsure of correct form, ask a trainer or a fellow gym-goer for assistance or pointers.

  3. 3

    Do cardiovascular exercise to help prevent adding on extra fat. You shouldn't do more than 30 minutes of cardio at any given session, and it should always come after weightlifting. Aim for a slow jog, or interval training (where you run for a minute, walk for two minutes, and repeat through this cycle). You should aim to do at least five sessions of cardio each week.

Tips and warnings

  • If you follow your diet carefully and are a dedicated gym-goer, you will see good results within six weeks.
  • Take photos (with a digital camera) every week in the mirror, without your shirt on. This will give you an honest gauge of your progress and help motivate you.
  • Avoid supplementing with so-called "fat burners" or thermogenic supplements. They are expensive, potentially hazardous and will not out-shine a good diet and exercise plan.
  • Get adequate caloric intake: eat enough food, at least 1500 calories each day. If you don't eat enough, your body will hold onto its fat deposits and you will feel miserable and fatigued.

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