How to build a toy farm

Updated November 21, 2016

A toy farm is a toy that encourages a child to use his imagination. There are no blinking lights or buzzers on this toy. All of the fun of this toy comes from the child's own mind. You can build this farm with your child. Let her decide where objects should be placed. While you are building the farm together, interact with your child and ask him questions about the animals. Even if your child feels his farm needs a skyscraper, let his imagination run free.

Use the glue gun to glue the felt onto the piece of cardboard. The felt should cover the entire sheet of cardboard.

Paint the inside and outside of the shoebox with brown paint; this will be the stable. For the silo, paint the crisp can with red paint. Set aside both pieces to dry.

Cut three circles or ovals of any size from the sandpaper. These will be the dirt areas of the farm. Some of the farm should be grass and some should be dirt.

Use the glue gun to adhere the sandpaper to the felt, positioning it wherever you like. Horses, pigs and chickens are the animals most likely to be found on the dirt areas of the farm.

Hot-glue the bottom of the painted chip can to the green felt in a corner of the farm's landscape. With the brown construction paper positioned horizontally, take the top two corners and fold one on top of the other. This will make a cone shape. Place a piece of tape to hold the cone shape. Trim the bottom of the cone to make the edges even. Hot-glue the cone to the top of the silo.

Turn the shoebox so the long side is laying against the landscape. Place it near one of the sides of the farm. Hot-glue it to the landscape. Take one piece of fencing and glue it in the centre of the box, perpendicular to the back of the stable.

Add animals, and place fencing around the circles of dirt. Place the pigs in one of the dirt areas and the chickens and horses in the other dirt areas. You can also place horses in the stable or on the grassy areas. Place cows in the grassy areas.


Look for small vehicles that may be found on a farm. Small plastic or metal tractors or a pickup truck will work well. A small plastic farmer is a nice addition to the farm. Let your child change the farm. There is nothing wrong with the pigs and cows sharing a pen on his farm.


Do not glue down fencing or animals. These should be movable so your child can move these items around. Never let a child use a hot glue gun. All of the gluing should be done by an adult.

Things You'll Need

  • Piece of cardboard, 60 by 90 cm (2 feet by 3 feet)
  • Piece of green felt, 60 by 90 cm (2 feet by 3 feet)
  • Glue gun
  • Shoebox
  • Brown paint
  • Empty crisp can
  • Red paint
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Tape
  • Bag of plastic farm animals and fencing
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