How to make paper menu card holders

Updated February 21, 2017

Display your menu card upright on the table with folded paper card holders. Fold the holders from a paper that coordinates with the colours in your centrepiece. This menu holder can be made with scrapbook paper, foil gift wrap or origami paper. A smaller version of this holder can be used to display a few business cards on your desk.

Fold your paper in half and cut along the fold making two rectangles. Use a 15 cm (6-inch) square of paper for a 12.5 cm by 20 cm (5-inch by 8-inch) menu card.

Place the paper on the table wrong side up with the long sides of the rectangle parallel to the edge of the table.

Fold the top right corner down at a 45-degree angle so that the right edge of the paper lines up with the bottom edge of the paper.

Fold the bottom left corner up at a 45-degree angle so that the left edge of the paper lines up with the top edge. You will have a parallelogram which points to the left.

Fold the left point of the paper down until the top edge of the parallelogram lines up with the slit in the paper running vertically down the centre of the parallelogram. Another way to describe this is: Fold the left hand triangle in half so that the top edge of the triangle lines up with the right side of that triangle. You will have a shape consisting of a small triangle on the left and a large triangle on the right.

Fold the small triangle to the right over the large triangle along the vertical slit. The whole paper will now be triangle-shaped with a thicker triangle on the left and a thinner one on the right.

Fold the paper in half along the line between the two triangles. Crease the fold firmly and unfold.

Open the bottom edge of the top triangle and insert the right point of the lower triangle into the opening. You will be folding along the crease you formed in the previous step.

Turn the resulting triangle so the long edge is at the bottom.

Hold the triangle by the short sides and fold it in half vertically. Crease this fold and unfold it to a 45-degree angle. Set the triangle down on the table. This is one corner holder.

Use the other paper rectangle to make a second corner holder. Stand the holders on the table so that one side of each points back and the other sides point toward each other.

Insert the bottom corners of your menu card into the slots on the top of the two holders. Two triangles will be visible on the front bottom corners of your card.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper square
  • Scissors
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