How to Dress Like a Mexican Man

Updated April 17, 2017

Men in modern-day Mexico dress much the same as men in the United States, particularly in the Southwest U.S., although cowboy hats, button-down shirts and Western-style boots are ubiquitous. Traditional Mexican folklorico men's wear, however, is full of colour, history and culture. This type of costume is still worn in some areas in rural towns, but is mostly used now for celebrations, mariachi bands and to appeal to tourists.

Put on a long-sleeve button-down shirt made in a lightweight fabric, such as cotton, to keep cool. Shirts are usually white, the one article of clothing that doesn't have a lot of colour or detail. Knot a brightly coloured tie around the collar so it is in the shape of a bow in front.

Top the shirt with a short jacket in a bright colour, sometimes also referred to as a bolero. Leave it unfastened in the front.

Slip into a pair of trousers, usually black, that have a decorative trim on the sides. The trim is often a pom-pom embellishment in a bright colour that matches the jacket, or in a neutral colour. Tuck the shirt, but not the jacket, into the trousers.

Tie a cloth sash around the waist of the trousers. Choose a sash in a colour that matches the necktie.

Add a pair of boots, which can be a neutral or bright colour. You can also opt to wear huaraches, which are traditional leather sandals.

Top off your look with an embroidered sombrero for a truly authentic look. You may also choose to add a serape, which is a large, cape-like garment.

Things You'll Need

  • Long-sleeved button-down shirt
  • Short jacket
  • Cloth tie for neck
  • Trousers with side embellishment
  • Waist sash
  • Cowboy boots
  • Sombrero
  • Serape
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