How to Connect Satellite Cable

Updated April 17, 2017

Satellite cable is RG-6 coax, a familiar sight to anyone familiar with conventional cable wiring. Although the splitters and signal combiners are different between cable and satellite, the wiring and connections are the same, as is the method of combining them.

Determine the length of the satellite cable form the dish to the chosen installation point for the 4x5 diplexer. Cut accordingly using the coax cutters. Perform the same procedure from the 4x5 diplexer to the individual receivers.

Cut 3/4 inch of the insulation and shielding from the end of each section of cut coax using a coax stripper. Clamp down on the cable, and turn the stripper until the "crunching" sound ceases. Firmly pull the stripper away to complete the cut.

Crimp the coax connections on the end of each section, using the coax crimper. Carefully peel back the foil shield from the end of the wire, laying it against the outer jacket. Set the coax connector on the end of the wire, pressing until you meet resistance. Place the crimp tool over the collar of the connector and squeeze firmly.

Screw the coax connectors to the 4x5 diplexer. Take the single cable from the dish to the input side of the diplexer, and each cable heading to the decoders to the output legs of the diplexer.

Screw the coaxial connectors to each decoder after running the wire to these locations.


Run the coax cable to each decoder prior to terminating the wire. This makes it easier to pull through joists and studs without damage to the wire or connector.

Things You'll Need

  • RG-6 quad shield coaxial cable
  • 4x5 diplexer
  • RG-6 coax connectors
  • Coax crimper
  • Coax stripper
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