How to Take Apart a Sony Vaio Desktop

Computer repair bills can be expensive. Desktop disassembly can be a useful way to troubleshoot or upgrade your computer's hardware yourself without having to hire a computer technician. Although there are benefits to hiring a computer hardware technician, the average computer user should be able to replace most hardware devices in her Sony Vaio desktop computer. Take your time and handle your computer's components with care.

Turn off the Sony Vaio desktop, disconnect the power cable and any miscellaneous cables or external devices. Touch an unpainted metal surface to discharge static electricity from your body before beginning the disassembly process.

Pull on the locking tab on the rear panel, or remove the two Phillips-head screws protruding from the rear panel (depending on the model of your Sony Vaio desktop) and slide the side-access panel away from the casing and set it aside.

Place the Vaio computer tower on its side and remove the single Phillips-head screws attaching the PCI expansion cards to the rear panel of the computer. Disconnect each card from its respective connector and slide each card out of the computer one-by-one. Set them aside and store each card in a static-free plastic bag

Remove the single Phillips-head screw securing the power-supply assembly to the computer tower. Pull the retaining tab, lift the power-supply assembly out of the computer slightly, and then disconnect the power-supply connector from the motherboard. Remove the power supply and set it aside.

Push on the retaining tabs on each side of the RAM module you wish to remove. Lift the RAM module out of its compartment and store it in a static-free plastic bag. Repeat this step for each module you remove.

Remove the Phillips-head screws securing the hard drive to the drive compartment. Disconnect the data and power cables from the rear of the hard-drive assembly. Slide the hard drive out of its compartment and set it aside.

Reassemble the desktop by repeating Steps 1 through 6 in reverse order.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
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