Ways to increase a pig's weight

Written by melissa gagnon | 13/05/2017
Ways to increase a pig's weight
Pigs need a carb and protein-rich diet to flourish and put on weight. (Jupiter/Getty Images)

Feeding your pig the proper type and amount of food and creating a healthy environment will help boost its weight. You should allow your pig to gain weight at its natural pace until it reaches the optimum of 68 kg (150 lb). A healthy pig's rate of weight gain is around 725 g (1.6 lb) each day if it gets the right food, mainly grains and protein.

Proper diet

Pigs are large animals with one stomach. In order for them to grow at a healthy pace and gain weight, you must feed them a diet full of whole grains. Grains such as corn, oats, wheat and barley are low in fibre and provide pigs with the energy they need to grow. Their diets must also have protein. Pigs over 68 kg (150 lb) need 12 to 14 per cent of their intake to be protein. You should also include fats in your pig's diet to increase weight gain. Water makes up one-half to one-third of your pig's body, so keep your pig hydrated.

Proper feeding

Allow the pig to self-feed without restriction until it reaches its optimum weight. Allowing the pig to eat exactly what it needs will make your pig grow quickly. Hand feed your pig after it reaches 68 kg (150 lb) to control exactly what it eats. This method increases the pig's weight gain, because you can monitor and control your pig's intake.

Health care

Keeping your pig healthy will help your pig increase and maintain its weight. Pigs that don't feel well lose their appetite. Signs of a healthy pig include alertness, high energy, a shiny coat and a curly tail. A healthy pig's body temperature is 39.2 degrees C (102.5F). A pig's mental health is also important. Pigs are easily stressed and stress causes them to eat less and lose weight. Pigs experience stress when they are in unknown surroundings, around unknown pigs or when they receive vaccines. Minimising stress in the pig is important if you want your pig to gain weight.

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