How to remove oil stains & tire marks from my driveway

Stains and marks on driveways are practically unavoidable. Motor and hydraulic oils can leak onto driveways, causing unsightly stains and odours, even dissolving asphalt paving. Tires can mar a driveway by leaving black skid marks. Remove oil stains promptly as the longer the stains set, the more difficult they are to remove. Treat oil stains and tire marks with simple cleaning products and techniques.

Blot up as much oil as you can with paper towels to prevent the oil from soaking into the driveway. Gather the oil-soaked paper towels and take them to a recycling centre promptly.

Spray hot water onto the oil stains and the surrounding area around the stains. Squirt liquid dish soap directly onto the oil stains and then spray more hot water onto the stains to add suds.

Scrub the oil stains vigorously with a standard nylon bristle scrub brush. Since rinsing the driveway will cause the oil to pollute your yard, blot up the oily solution with paper towels.

Inspect the driveway for remaining oil stains. If stains remain, sprinkle powdered washing powder over the oil spots.

Apply enough hot water to the detergent to make a paste, then scrub the stains with the nylon bristle scrub brush. Allow the paste to set overnight and apply more hot water to the stains.

Scrub the oil stains again with the nylon bristle scrub brush, then blot up the oily solution with paper towels. Wet the tire marks by applying an over-the-counter degreaser directly to the marks.

Allow the degreaser to set on the marks for two hours. Scrub the tire marks with the scrub brush and rinse off the degreaser with water.


Do not scrub your driveway with a wire brush, which can cause scratches, erosion and permanent scars to the driveway.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Hot water
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Standard nylon bristle scrub brush
  • Powdered washing powder
  • Over-the-counter degreaser
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