How to Raise Springer Spaniel Puppies

Updated April 17, 2017

According to the Dog Breed Info Center, springer spaniels typically make good pets, as they are gentle, even-tempered, intelligent and sociable. However, even with all of these complimentary traits, springer spaniel puppies still require owners who can properly raise them, or they may not develop the proper manners needed to become obedient dogs. Fortunately, springer spaniels are quick learners, which makes raising them typically easy and enjoyable.

Assert your dominance over your springer spaniel puppy, suggests the Dog Breed Info Center. Though obedient, springer spaniels can also become headstrong if they think they are the leaders of their packs. Therefore, in order to raise puppies that are balanced and well-behaved, owners must show them that they are in control. Do so by exerting a calm, yet assertive energy when around your dog; never act mad or nervous. Always handle your springer's puppy food before feeding it, and do not allow your pup to eat until you have given it permission. In addition, walk through doors ahead of your puppy.

Walk your springer spaniel puppy at least once a day. Springers have boundless energy that needs to be exerted. If not, the puppy could become frustrated and act out. Let your puppy be your guide as to how long you should walk it; when it becomes tired and wants to lie down, stop. Keep your springer puppy on a short leash and next to you at all times. Do not allow it to walk ahead or go off on its own. Not only is walking an opportunity for exercise, but it is also a time to show your puppy that you are in charge; keeping it next to you and controlling its actions while walking allows you to do so.

Teach your springer spaniel puppy obedience commands such as "no." According to the Dog Breed Info Center, springer puppies do best when the rules are made clear and tend to misbehave with meek owners who do not assert their dominance. Therefore, when your puppy is behaving in an inappropriate manner, say "no" and help it to stop what it is doing, then give it a treat for obeying you.

Brush your springer spaniel puppy at least once a day. Springers have curly hair that tends to become matted if not cared for properly. Use a slicker brush to keep the knots at bay and start brushing your springer as a puppy to get it used to and comfortable with the process.


Slicker brushes have angled bristles that are designed to remove a dog's undercoat and are available at most pet stores. Always take water for your puppy with you on walks. In the hotter months, walk your Springer puppy when it is not too warm, such as in the early morning or late evening.

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