How to Know When a Guy Is Serious About You?

Updated March 18, 2017

One of the most frustrating and confusing elements of a new (and perhaps sometimes not so new) romantic relationship is figuring out whether a man is serious about you. After all, some men are not quite as effective and capable as women when it comes to expressing their true emotions and needs. However, it can help to look for several signs that indicate true love.

Consider whether he shows an active interest in your life. Ask yourself if the guy tries to delve deeply into who you are as a person, beyond the basic questions about your job and your favourite television shows. When men are serious, they tend to show a sincere interest in your hopes, dreams and aspirations and what it is that makes you tick. At the other end of the spectrum, they also show interest in the less fascinating details that make you exactly who you are, such as your dislike of peanut butter or your fascination with cats.

Ask yourself if he has mentioned exclusivity. If he has made it obvious that he wants you to be his steady partner and that he expects you to be loyal to him (and vice versa), then he is indicating that he desires a serious relationship with you.

Think about whether you have met his parents or his closest friends. For a man, introducing his significant other to his parents or his best friends is often considered to be a very serious step toward commitment. It also shows that he's willing to take a risk and that he believes that you'll be able to pass the "approval test" from his parents (especially his mother!) and his best buds.

Ponder whether he shows his nurturing side to you. If he is unafraid to be nurturing and loving with you, especially when it comes to taking care of you, it is highly likely that he is head over heels and feeling very serious about the relationship. If you are sick with the flu and he comes straight to your apartment after work to bring you chicken soup, or if he insists that you call or text him to make sure that you are OK after a late night out with your best girlfriends, he is sending a strong signal about his affection for you.

Think about his punctuality. Timeliness is a major way to show someone that you care about them and that you respect them as a person. In general, when a guy is serious about somebody, he will go the extra mile and make it a point to always be punctual.


Do not be afraid to simply ask a guy how serious he is about you! Strong and direct communication is key to making a relationship work, and it can help to work on that skill early on.

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