How to Conceal a Flat-Screen TV

Updated February 21, 2017

As television technology advances, flat-screen televisions continue to become more and more flat, which opens up entirely new possibilities when it comes to home decor. While hiding a large-screen tube television meant drilling a foot or two into a wall, many flat-screen televisions are just a few inches thick and have many ways to be hidden from view when they are not being used.

Conceal your flat-screen television inside a piece of furniture like a bed end or a kitchen counter. You can build a lift mechanism that will retract the flat-screen TV into the furniture and out of view when you are not watching it. If this type of automation is beyond your skill level, there are many companies who you can get to build this type of lift based on your specifications.

Let your flat-screen TV double as a mirror when it is not powered on. You can encase your television in a frame that matches your decor and has a two-way mirror on the front side. While your TV is on, the picture shows through without an issue. When you turn the TV off, all you can see is a mirror that goes perfectly with the rest of your room.

Build a sliding encasement to conceal your flat-screen TV. The encasement should contain a mirror or decoration on the outside so that when the encasement is closed, it looks like a part of the room decor. The encasement should open, either right and left or up and down, to reveal your hidden flat-screen TV.

Use movable artwork to hide your flat-screen TV when it is not in use. You can build a hinge onto the artwork frame to be able to flip it up when you need to watch television. You can also build a rolling mechanism to slide the artwork from in front of the television to the side. Since you can pick any picture to cover up your television, your ideas for room decor are endless.

Place a motorised tapestry in front of the television. The tapestry itself can be a wonderful addition to a room, but it can also hide your boxy flat-screen television when you are not watching it. The tapestry can be hung from a motorised pole that will pull it up when you want to watch television. You can also just install the tapestry on a long pole and move it to the side when you need the television.

Install your flat-screen television in a wall recess. Home improvement contractors will know how deep to make the recess to properly fit your television inside. Once your television is in a recess, you can easily place artwork, a drapery or even light furniture in front of it to hide it from view. You can also create a cover for the recess that will match your room decor and hide your television.

Encase your television in a new frame if you realise that you don't want to television to be concealed as much as you just want it to blend in a little better. You can have custom frames built to any specification and can make your television a highlight of the room instead of hiding it away.

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