How to Draw a Sports Car Step-by-Step

Sports cars are characterised by their lithe, aerodynamic bodies and their controlled, tight rides. The body of a sports car should never appear to be clunky or bulky--sports cars should be sleek and slim, in order to travel quickly and without air resistance. Thus, in order to draw a sports car, one must draw with smooth and bold lines, in order to replicate the smooth and sleek nature of the car itself.

Draw the outline of the car. The outline should be made lightly so it can be erased if need be. Start at the nose of the car. Draw a line over the bonnet of the car, which will be a gently inclined horizontal plane moving back to the windshield. The car will incline more at the windshield, then reach a mostly horizontal line at the roof. The line should head downward for the rear window, then vertically downward until you've reached the bottom of the car. The underside of the car will be a straight line that follows the angle of the top of the car until you reach the nose of the car again, with the exception of two humps for the wheels.

Outline the major parts of the car, including the doors, windows, windshield and wheels. Sports cars have one door on each side, which run parallel to the top and bottom of the body.

Outline the smaller details such as the side-view mirrors and headlights. Resharpen your pencil for this step, in order to draw the details as precisely as possible.

Shade the wheels and draw the reflection on the windshield and windows. The reflection can be represented by a few parallel lines streaking across the windshield in a diagonal direction.

Erase any messy lines and replace them with smooth, unbroken lines. Darken any light outlines you made, once you are happy with the placement of all the parts in the image.


Look at a picture to ensure accuracy--cars drawn from imagination are usually far less interesting than cars drawn from actual examples. Refer to it often during the drawing process. The outline of the car should be drawn with confident, unbroken lines. If you need to draw sketchy lines at first, they should be erased before the drawing is finished. Colour in the sports car. Common colours for sports cars include red, black, white and yellow.

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