How to Fix a Saab Roof Lining

Updated February 21, 2017

Fixing a ripped or sagging headliner in a Saab vehicle is important to driver safety. Torn or sagging roof liners can hang down and cause a distraction to the driver and even present a safety hazard while driving. Exposed foam lining can deteriorate, break off and create a mess inside the car's interior. Vehicle repairs can be expensive, but if you have the materials, you can fix the roof lining yourself in just an afternoon.

Remove all interior trim pieces attached through the roof liner, using the screwdriver. This may include the rear-view mirror, overhead lighting, and roof handles. Loosen the edge of the headliner piece from the rear of the vehicle interior and remove the entire section through the boot. The headliner shell is a moulded piece of cardboard or plastic that fits snug to the underside of the car roof. It is usually held in place by weatherstripping, which can be cut with scissors or a utility knife.

Set the headliner on a solid work surface. Pull the loose fabric off the shell. Take care not to damage the shell in the removal process. If necessary, use an adhesive remover to break down the factory glue and make removal of the fabric easier. Remove roof lining foam if present.

Cut foam to fit the shell if replacing a foam layer, using the scissors or utility knife, and glue it into place with the adhesive. Drape the fabric across the headliner shell, and trim it to fit the shell with an overhang of about 4 inches all the way around. Apply adhesive on the foam or directly onto the shell if there is no foam layer. Begin at one end with a continuous strip about 2 inches wide, and adhere the fabric to the adhesive. Smooth out the entire length of the fabric to work out any bubbles. Continue working one small area at a time and be sure the surface is fully coated in an even layer of adhesive.

Turn the headliner shell over and glue the edges of the fabric to the underside of the liner. Secure a section of fabric at least 1 inch wide with the adhesive, and smooth it with your hand to ensure proper contact. Trim any excess fabric with scissors. Allow the adhesive to sit until cured according to the package directions.

Pass the headliner through the boot opening to install it back into place inside the vehicle. Secure the edges of the headliner beneath the weatherstripping as it was originally installed by the manufacturer. Replace all of the handles, lights and mirrors that were removed.


Headliner fabric, foam and adhesive can be purchased from Saab parts suppliers online or from some auto parts stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Headliner fabric
  • Headliner foam
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Adhesive remover
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Rags
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