How Can You Identify a Fake Burberry?

A luxury designer label known throughout the world, Burberry is often easily recognisable, based upon its signature plaid design. Its immense popularity has made it one of the most desirable knock-off designer labels that people produce and sell to unknowing consumers. If you know a few key elements to look for, you can easily spot fake Burberry.

Locate the item you want to identify as a fake. If it is emblazoned with the signature Burberry pattern, see if the plaid is matching. On a wool wrap, purse or anything else, the design will be the same on both sides of the merchandise. Designers always try to match up stripes and plaid patterns to the best of their ability. Producers of fake merchandise do not take the time to do this.

Inspect the hardware. Designer labels normally use elements that appear silver or gold in colour. Often, the hardware that appears gold is made of brass. The hardware or logo plate on a handbag always says "Burberry" in neat letters. Fake bags may have hardware, but the plate often is crooked, or it is clearly not constructed of quality material.

Look for a designer label. Burberry merchandise has a distinct label with the brand name printed on it. It will never say "Made in China" or "Made in Taiwan." A wool wrap may say "Burberry London 100% Alpaca, Made in Scotland." A leather handbag will have the Burberry label too, but it may say "Made in Italy." If you have any doubts about a Burberry purchase you plan to make, go to a website like Neiman Marcus for identifying characteristics.

Touch the inside of a handbag. Look at every inch. The inside of any designer bag is still going to have a finished look that is well-designed. Designer bags look luxurious inside and out. If the inside feels cheap or looks poorly constructed, it is not a designer bag. Inspect the external and internal stitching. Stitching will be neat and nearly flawless on a true designer bag.

Ask the price of the merchandise. If a price on a Burberry item seems too good to be true, it normally is a fake. Designer fashion houses normally maintain strict control over where their inventory goes in the world, and they do not saturate the market with their products. If you want to purchase a Burberry item, stick to the boutiques, high-end department stores and outlets.

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