How to Hook Up the VTech V.Smile Learning System Through a VCR

Written by quinten plummer | 13/05/2017

The VTech V.Smile Learning System turns your television set into an interactive tool to educate as well as entertain your children. There's a way to connect the system even if your television doesn't include the required RCA audio/video ports. With the help of your VCR and its audio/video ports, you can hook up your VTech V.Smile Learning System to your television.

Connect the tip of the V.Smile's power cable into the back of the unit. Plug the transformer end of the cable into a power outlet, and then turn the V.Smile on. Connect the V.Smile's joystick into the port on the front of the unit.

Connect the V.Smile's audio/video cables into the VCR's "Video In" ports--the ports may be located on the front or back of the VCR. Match the yellow, red and white V.Smile plugs with the yellow, red and white "Video In" ports.

Turn on your television and set the channel to match the VCR's input channel. The input channel will usually be either channel 3 or 4--you can check the input selector on the back of the VCR to see which channel it's set at.

Things you need

  • VCR

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